Find the best ways to initiating hookups and raising your sex-positivity. Discover your dos and don’ts in casual sex by learning about top adult dating categories 

Hooking up became a part of our daily life, and we all need them for different reasons. You probably didn’t think about matching with someone else’s hookup purposes.

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For example, coupled people seek very anonymous hookups for obvious reasons. But it’s only in a case if they aren’t openly sex-positive. They may have special demands as well. 

To know all these nuances, it’s enough to follow the statistics and read adult dating blogs. Then it guarantees a lot of useful information and greater success with other hookup seekers.

Top safest hookup sites 

Adult dating platforms have many functions and they are in general very helpful for singles worldwide, but the most important function is a scam preventing since there is a lot of it nowadays.

One has to be lucky to meet decent and safe personalities during such an adventure, or, he should use a high-quality app for casual sex and fun where all users are pre-checked. 

Safety rate on hookup sites

Tinder 89%
Safe Hookup Sites Rating

If with serious dating everything is more or less understood, and one can easily differ a real mail order bride from a scammer, it’s not that easy on sex dating sites

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Hookup search online is risky itself, because one deals with total strangers and shares his intimate sphere with them. Then add a meeting in real with the same strangers. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to use qualitative platforms only, with positive reviews and a high rating; but also to use common sense and be extra careful while using the hookup sites. 

Best pickup strategies on dating sites 

Everyone needs sex, and everyone is trying to get laid, but not many people care to become a pro in pickup. It’s a pity, because this art is truly worthy of learning and practicing. 

There are certain strategies on how to meet sex partners online, too. It’s better to apply them in order to get more efficient and find partners as frequently as one wants. 

Hookup Strategies Tips
Variations of Hookup Strategies
  • Photo analysis: tell personalized compliments. 
  • One’s phrases analysis: follow their style of communication. 
  • One’s social status: avoid badly provided personals. 
  • Sexual fantasies analysis: if you’re ok with their kinks, just go on. 
  • One’s temper and opinions analysis: be on their side, and benefit from that. 

As you can see, pickuping is a more complicated and multi-leveled process than just thumbing up on someone’s nice butt. Your overall impressions should be perfect, or at least mainly positive. 

Top elite hookup sites 

Big bosses, co-owners of corporations, businesswomen are seeking anonymity for other reasons, and their fears are much more massive. They may even require a meeting in masks. 

Different stories take place on online hookup services. Of course, such V.I.P. users do prefer elite dating sites, high-end clubs, or elite escort ordering but some of them like keeping things simple. 

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Most probably, they won’t require or suggest any foreplays, such as having some drinks together or let’s say a romantic massage. Only straight to the point, quick and raw sex! 

Elite hookup sites price 

  1. Luxy – $99.99
  2. Raya – $7.99
  3. Tinder Select – $29.99 
  4. EliteSingles – $99.95
  5. Seeking Arrangement – $99.99 

Young people, both boys and girls, tend to present themselves as sugar babies. In the case of men, they are called toyboys, or cubs. They are ok with one-night-stands but prefer longer agreements. 

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Since both categories are seeking sponsorship and their personal situation might be too tough, some of them commit the scam and cause the troubles for their casual partners. 

So, here is where we remind you about the necessity of being very careful, very cautious, and attentive when hookuping online on casual sex sites

Best kinky dating sites 

Let’s finally suppose your search experience has been completely positive, and you succeeded to find a good match for an evening or longer. What happens next? 

Some people care not to disappoint their casual partners, while others are focused on their own pleasure and kinks. Specialists in sexology admit there should be a healthy balance though. 

Sex-positive concepts are exactly about equality and mutual respect even in very brief and very casual relations. Women’s rights and freedoms in regard to hookups are a separate big topic. 

They won their right for hormonal needs and purely casual affairs but along with that, they want to be treated well. Moreover, by statistics, exactly women initiate the bravest kinky hookups ever. 

Best Kinkies To Try
Top Hookup Kinkies

Fetish hookup sites female members 

FetLife: 2.5 mln. 

Kinkoo: 80K

KinkD: 250K

Quiver: 1.2 mln. 

Bumble: 8 mln. 

Such an activity can be a problem for conservative men whose mind is still stereotypical. If a girl wants sex instead of love, some of them think, then she’s a whore, therefore, she can be abused. 

It’s a negative attitude but it still takes place in smaller towns or less civilized countries. So it’s always safer for a girl to seek hookups in big cosmopolitan cities and on safe sites like Bumble

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Regardless of your gender or preferences, be yourself in a bed. As they say, kinky is a new romance.

Quickie dating pros and cons 

Speed dating has first occurred back in 1998 as a social experiment. It was a safe, cheap, and psychologically comfortable way to meet someone new for people limited by age or any insecurities. 

No one expected it to become the beginning for anonymous quickies that are now conquering the world. Thanks to their popularity, it’s not difficult today to meet singles for instant sex

Quick Hookup Online
Pros And Cons Of Quick Hookup


  • Being sure your casual partner wants the same.
  • Saving a lot of time and money instead of the long courtship. 
  • Kinks and special wishes are welcomed. 


  • No LTR is possible. 
  • Protected sex isn’t guaranteed. 
  • Mostly practiced in public places.

The high demand for quickies is understandable. So many modern people are bounded by shyness, conservative thinking, certain physical weakness, geographical location, or other factors. 

They survive those obstacles, still being sexually active and curious. Girls seeking quickies are usually independent, compromising, and caring. They rarely have small sexual appetites.

Find For Hookups Online
Hookup Finder Online

They may search for a friend with benefits who can be their daily companion and a travel partner. Some of them are in great physical shape and others not, but in any case, it’s very relaxing. 

However, the disadvantages of hookup quickies should also be taken into consideration. 

Top mature hookup sites 

Mature dating should be seen as a separate kind of interaction that has nothing to do with the sugar daddy/momma category or cougar. It usually brings together single people of the same age. 

For lonely matures who live an isolated life, it’s a breath of fresh air and a hope for positive changes. Although hookups cannot be called a highly effective measure to find one’s special person. 

DateMyAge ★★★

OurTime ★★★★

Silver Singles ★★★★

Mature Dating ★★★★★

Senior Match ★★★★★


Famous mature hookup sites claim their results are stably high. Developers spend a lot of time questioning and testing them, involving a match-making psychologist and casual sex experts. 

Adult Hookup Sites
Hookup Sites For Adults

On another hand, it’s just a light and fun alternative for mature women seeking men and vice-versa that allows brightening the lonely evening. Some folks choose to become lifetime members. 

What is non-binary hookup sites  

Today, more and more casual dating platforms position themselves as non-binary ones. This definition may include several main categories, but all of them are far from traditional patterns. 

Sites categories, hookup market share 2021 

Gay 21%
Swinger 9%
Lesbian 7%
Other LGBTQ+ 12%
Kinky 11%

All these hookup groups may involve same-sex intercourse and gender-fluid self identification. This tendency will only grow and listed categories are going to greatly replace vanilla hookups

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Bi-curiosity is turning a norm, and the opposite is considered terribly old-fashioned. Only Muslim and Christian dating may exclude bi-curious contacts, while all other segments are welcoming.

Best escort hookup sites 

Another ultra-progressive section of casual sex is escort ordering online. The ads listings, phone apps, and desktop sites are opening the widest possibilities never available before. 

This section closely co-exists with non-binary hookups, as at least a half of online escorts are TS/TG/TV or ladyboys. The newest subcategory, femboys is winning over the European and western market. 

  1. AdultLook
  2. Listcrawler 
  3. Bedpage
  4. MegaPersonals 
  5. Erotic Monkey
  6. Slixa

These ones are used the most in 2021/2022, although there are dozens of other listings. Call girls and HE massage ordering is also growing very common, comparing to the early 2000s. 

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After escort legalization in Nevada and semi-legal massage parlors founding across the US, the process is getting unstoppable. Each 4th couple in the States has ordered call girls or MP at least once. 

Top hookup tips for singles 

Doesn’t matter if your new affair is well-planned or totally spontaneous, you will enjoy it to the fullest. Hookuping with someone can be either a balanced solution or a secret temptation.

But it shouldn’t be hidden under the heap of unrealized dreams. Set yourself free and communicate in a way you want, with anyone you want, if it makes both of you happy. 

  • Be courageous, take a chance and if you want smth unusual, just go for that.
  • Present yourself brightly and express your wishes and aspirations frankly
  • If you’re single for a long time and got used to your freedom, proclaim it.
  • Do not limit yourself with the number of lovers or their lower quality.

Start from breaking the ice and find the right words for encouraging the other one. Ask questions that will help you understand whether your wants and needs coincide

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Hookup Tips

Word by word, you can get more open and exchange your views on sex. Try to analyze what is important for you, and go directly to that point. Then you will never be disappointed by your choice. 

How to choose my category of hookups

If patriarchal courtship or amateur quickies is everything you knew until today, then you definitely need some sex education. Start from the list of all modern kinks and fetishes.

There are no less than 300 of them, and many adult dating blogs are providing the full set. Print it out or copy to the Word document, and mark against each kink whether it’s acceptable. 

100% yours – green 

Curious to try – yellow 

Scary but possible – orange 

Disgusting – red 

These four basic reactions are totally sufficient for the whole list, specialists say. Use recommended colors for check marks. Your green list and yellow list are going to surprise you.

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Hookup Categories

There is a saying, some things should be left in one’s imagination, instead of trying them in real. Do not believe it. Those who stand for atavistic traditions and patriarchal thinking, have created it.

While your task is to be free to the maximum and explore this life to the core. Do not even sign up online or go out on Friday without checking all positions in your dos and don’ts list.